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A journey to a transparent supply chain

I  don’t remember a time in my life when food has been such a massive conversation starter.  The fact that people are talking about this shows there is an urgency to make an immediate change.  Our relationship with clothes is equally immediate, and I hope the general public’s shifts in attitude towards food will be mirrored more in the fashion industry.

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"Why Linen!?" I hear you say...

This is what I know about linen so far... WHY? In general it is classed as a sustainable fabric. Due to where the crop grows (see below for more info on this) there is a natural rainfall sufficient enough to feed the crop. It requires little or no fertilisers.  If you compared the same shirt, 1 made from linen and 1 made from cotton, the linen one would use up 6.5ltrs of water vs 26ltrs for the cotton one during its life cycle. It is extremely breathable which means it lets go of any moisture from your body - no dodgy smells and requires less cleaning. Some people argue that because of this it is hypo-allergenic.  Softens over time. For bio-degrading in landfill it can take from as...

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