Our Story

LAW is a slow fashion brand based in Glasgow. Our brand emphasises the importance of thoughtful, timeless clothing design using natural and sustainably sourced materials. Our mission is to change our relationship with clothing one garment at a time and adapt to a more thoughtful approach curating our wardrobes. 

Our Mission

It's our mission to change the way we shop. We class ourselves as a 'Slow Fashion' brand.

Working on a made to order basis avoids impulse buying and the ability to amend leg lengths and hems to bespoke sizes thus creating an emotional attachment to the garment when it arrives on your doorstep. 

The LAW Circular project invites customers to sell back their old LAW Styles which are then re-processed and sold on as pre-loved goods.

All waste from the production is saved and converted into baby clothes or used as quitting and padding so nothing goes to waste.

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Handmade in Scotland for you, saving our off cuts for our little people's clothes

Baby & Kids

Baby & Kids

Our baby and kidswear styles are made from the beautiful linen fabric... 

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