Our Story

‘Let us redefine our relationship with clothes.”

I started LAW when I was pregnant with my second daughter in 2019. I had worked as a designer for the UK and US high street for the last decade and had become increasingly concerned with the fast throw away culture and lack of empathy or care for the people making our clothes. I was no longer interested in creating substandard clothing for companies who cared little or none at all for the environment that I was bringing my two girls into.

I worked nights and weekends to build the business and finally took the leap to give up my job and focus on LAW full time in Jan 2020.


All of my styles are made to order in my studio in Glasgow. Occasionally I will release a small batch of "ready to buy" styles which have been sewn by either myself or local experienced machinists. Doing this ensures there is no wastage with unwanted stock and enables other like minded people to grow their small business. There’s also nothing better than knowing a garment is being made especially for you! Producing this way also enables the customer to request changes to hem lengths if they are shorter or taller than average.

I try to be as size inclusive as possible and the styles start from a size 4 to a size 24. 

Our fabrics are 100% natural (mostly linens and Organic cottons) and packaging is plastic free.

Each element in the garment is sustainably sourced however we still have room to improve and we are constantly working on this. 

My vision is to create timeless, ageless clothing that will outlast any trend. Made locally, with compassion and care.

When you are finished with your LAW style, you are invited to participate in our LAW Circular system. I believe every brand should take responsibility to where their clothing ends up.

As the brand grows I would like to ensure production is local. I don’t intend to start producing in factories but instead create a web of talented freelance machinists who can work flexible hours around their kids and their lives whilst empowering them to build their own businesses. 

If you have any questions or would like to say hello please contact me at hello@lawdesignstudio.com

Gill x