Some people aren't used to shopping slow and small. There is nothing but good things about shopping this way... here's some FAQ to help you out.

Why are some styles 'made for you'?

'Made for you' helps me create the style you want without waste. Not only is this far more sustainable because I am not creating unwanted stock,  it means you can specify things like leg lengths at no extra cost. There's nothing better than knowing a style has been made for you.

What if I want my item right now?

From time to time I will release small stock batches. These might be one off colours or a popular style release. These are ready to dispatch within 1-3 working days. If you are in a hurry for your style that is made to order, please get in touch and explain your circumstance. If it is at all possible I will endeavour to turn around your order quickly for you.

How long do I wait for a made to order item?

Lead times are changeable and always visible at the top of the page. These times are often "worst case scenario" and are usually dispatched well within this time frame.

Can I return something if I don't like it?

Yes of course, please refer to the returns policy for terms.

What if I am between sizes?

If you have checked out the size guide and you fall between sizes, send me and email and we will work it out.

Do you stock your styles anywhere?

No sorry, from time to time I will do pop up's but in order to keep prices as low as possible we need to keep out the middle man :)