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SCOTLAND’S FASHION FESTIVAL  This month is Scotland’s Fashion festival, it begins with a catwalk event run by social enterprise Scotland RE:Design, showcasing the best fashion in Scotland right now. Kicking off the week after COP26, the fashion event will have a strong focus on sustainability as well as equality and technology in Scottish fashion.  The annual fashion festival has been running since 2005, but it went online during lockdown last year which means that it will be even more of a celebration and is definitely not something to miss. The festival showcases a range of unique, innovative and creative Scottish fashion brands and designers, Law Design Studio are also hosting a virtual event which entails an informative film and creative...

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COP 26 - by Aimee Atlanta

COP 26 has brought world leaders and an estimated 30,000 delegates from around the world to the city, you might have also seen pictures of David Attenborough chatting with Nicola Sturgeon, or Leonardo DiCaprio posing at a dinner event with Indigenous Women Warriors of Ancestrality campaigners…and if you haven’t yet seen the beginning of Greta Thunberg’s transition into an honorary Scot with her chanting during a rally in Govan then… you probably should. 

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4 Responsible shoe brands you will love

Looking for natural fabrics and respecting workers rights is a good place to start when curating a long lasting capsule wardrobe but what about our footwear?   I have pulled together my favourite shoe brands that will look amazing with your considered linen LAW pieces.

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We've put some of our prices up and here's why...

  Some of you may have noticed a slight price increase on some of our items. It's something that I've thought long and hard about as I am a big believer of keeping ethical fashion as attainable as possible. If you have been following LAW from the start you will know that I run this brand on my own. I design, make, and run the business myself, and it's the best job I have ever had. It's 1 year since I launched a fully operational ecomerce website and I would never have dreamt that the business would have grown as much as it has in the last year. It's down to every one of you who have been championing me on...

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Building a Fashion Brand during lockdown.

No one knows how long this limbo will last, there are times when I enjoy the challenge of building this brand from home and times where I feel like just walking off into the sunset, but the good news is that LAW is growing and it's only going to get bigger :)

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