4 Responsible shoe brands you will love

4 Responsible shoe brands you will love

4 ethical shoe brands

4 Responsible shoe brands you will love.

We are all getting better at shopping more responsibly. Wether it is organic local food or sustainable slow fashion we know that it is good to consider our purchase before that *impulse* takes over.  Looking for natural fabrics and respecting workers rights is a good place to start when curating a long lasting capsule wardrobe but what about our footwear?  I have pulled together my favourite shoe brands that will look amazing with your considered linen LAW pieces.

1. Novesta

Made with natural rubber and cotton/linen canvas this is one of the last remaining brands to be born in Slovakia and still producing there to this day. I have the popular Star Master style and find them really comfortable as they have a small arch support inside. You can also buy them at TOAST. 


2. Veja

Super stylish and super transparent, these Vegan natural rubber trainers have so many positive projects with their brand development. They also have a cute range for kids. Check out their missions here.

veja natural trainers

 3. Revivo by Vivobarefoot

Designed to support your feet's natural structure and give that barefoot feeling Vivobarefoot have just launched Revivo. Similar to our LAW Circular project  Their program that sees worn and returned Vivo footwear revived, reconditioned and made available to purchase, extending their life and drastically reducing the number of Vivos that end up on the rubbish pile.

vivo barefoot shoes

4. Flamingos 

 I really love these retro style shoes. Made with post consumer and industry waste and GOTS certified cotton every detail is carefully and thoughtfully sourced. Even the packaging is shipped with recycled cardboard. 


Footwear is easy to overlook, but with so many exciting sustainable brands on the horizon you can keep your slow fashion capsule wardrobe responsible from head to toe. 

Gill x

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