Dressing for Menopause

Dressing for Menopause

Dressing for Menopause.

We all know someone who is going though, has been through or is fast approaching menopause and according to the 'Menopause Charity 90% of women experience menopause symptoms.

What has the menopause got to do with clothing?

According to my latest customer survey form, many of you site the menopause as one of the main challenges you have when buying clothes. 

What we wear is one of the main ways we can express ourselves. It effects our confidence our comfort and our emotions, all of which are at risk when our bodies are physically and emotionally changing. 


There are no rules but here are some easy tips to make life a bit simpler when navigating this new chapter.

1. Wardrobe clear out

De-clutter what you already own but no longer wear. Hanging on to the clothes you used to wear in the hope that one day you will get them on again is just a way of making yourself feel bad. If you have not worn it in over 6 months you don't need it. Arrange a swap with your friends or list it on Vinted. Re-Directory have a great post on where to look for sharing old clothes. 

women clearing out wardrobe

2. Wear natural fabrics and avoid synthetic fibres.

If you are suffering from hot flushes, linen is the best fabric to wear. Linen truly is a wonder fabric for people going through the menopause and heres why: 

- When you are warm the fibres relax and create space for air to move away from the body.

- It wicks away moisture from the body and is odourless

- It is hypoallergenic so if your skin is sensitive with hormonal changes it is a perfect fabric to wear

You can wear it during the day and especially at night if you experience a restless nights sleep. 

Synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon, elastic can irritate and make you warmer.

natural fabric

3. Choose the right waistband on your trousers.

When our bodies go through menopause, reduced levels of oestrogen (female hormone) causes our bodies to store fat differently and this usually ends up at our midline. Take the pressure off yourself and opt for an elasticated waistband to feel more comfortable. High rise trousers that sit on your true waistline (smallest part just below ribs) give your belly area below your belly button room when you are sitting down. 

baillie linen trousers

Baillie Linen Trousers.

4. Opt for the 'Go to Pieces' 

Don't try to reinvent the wheel when buying new clothes. Make your choice in the morning more simple and opt for key pieces that make you feel comfortable which in turn will do lots for your confidence. This will be different for everyone, but you will know what makes you feel good. It might be a simple white t-shirt and some trousers that you can style up or down. Don't worry about wearing the same thing all the time, just own it - it's YOUR style :)

'I used to think menopause was an age thing and now I realise it's a woman thing" - Davina McCall

Menopause is a big talking point now and it's amazing what people like Davina McCall and The Food Medic are doing getting people talking about it. Common symptoms are anxiety, mood swings, brain fog, hot flushes, irregular periods and low energy. This of course can have a big impact on all areas of our life so it's best to make certain areas more simple where you can. What you wear is a big factor to your physical and metal wellbeing. 

If you are struggling with anything related to the above please talk to your GP, friends, family and employers. The chances are you are not in this alone. And remember, menopause isn't the end. It's the start of a new chapter, new beginnings, new adventures and time to grow - be kind to yourself xxx

For help, advice, links to menopausal advice please see below websites:




photo 1 credit - Tamara Schipchinskaya

photo 2 credit - Luca Laurence 


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