Introducing the Spring/Summer Collection: An ode to you x

Introducing the Spring/Summer Collection: An ode to you x

As I walked down to the library this morning for some quiet time to do some work admin I was lucky enough to walk under some beautiful spring Cherry Blossom trees - this for me is always the sign of spring and lighter nights and warmer days.

I am so excited to unveil the latest spring/summer collection, designed with you in mind.

From the 'spirited wanderer' to the 'socially conscious', the designs are for ever day comfort and style.

Before designing the range I sent out a questionnaire to find out more about you. The best part was the replies to the question "How would you describe yourself?"

For the 'charity worker passionate about social justice and feminism' Thank you for your work and inspiring us all to try a little bit harder.

For the"Love free spirits, and the simple things in life" You're not alone. 

One thing I aways have in mind when designing is creating clothes that make you feel free and to me, the more simple the better - This is the art of creating timeless clothing and simple design always outlasts...

I love that in the replies next to each other there were words from 'retired extrovert art lovers' right next to 'introverts seeking solace in their own company.' 

Every thread in our spring summer collection weaves a narrative of diversity and inclusivity, honouring the range identities and passions that make LAW customers who they are. Whether you're a 'yoga-loving mother of two' or a 'karaoke cowboy on a quest for radical change', there's a piece in our collection waiting to become a part of your story.

Thank you for being part of this collective of inspiring women. xxx


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