It's all in a name.

It's all in a name.


Mother. It's a word that holds so many meanings and values for us all.
Mother Nature takes care of all us living things, restores and nourishes all that us humans destroy along the way. She ensures the sun comes out in spring to tend to our seedlings and creates wind to let them travel to new ground. 
Some would say a mother is someone who has given birth to something or who brings up a child.
Personally, I think a mother can be anyone or thing that shows kindness and love and helps nourish someone to their full potential, gives them the confidence to be independent and pass this learning on. 
Did you know that in the forest there is a 'Mother Tree' who looks after the other trees through a fungal network and can send signals of threat to protect them all?
We all have that person be it our own mother, aunt, grandmother or even friend who shows us how to care and respect others and inspires us to show that same love.
For the new collection I wanted to give my customers the space to talk about these amazing people who have inspired and made them feel grateful to have them in their lives. Each style has been named after their loved ones and their stories are just perfect.

1. Vera

'Vera' was put forward by Lisa who says "She was my great aunt. She loved me fiercely when I felt unloveable. She made me feel seen and heard and she celebrated me always. Knowing how much she meant to me, my now husband asked her for her blessing to marry me. She was my kindred spirit. I remember when I was a kid, she bought a lace bodysuit explaining that just because she's old, doesn't mean she can't feel sexy. Words to live by. She was the most elegant person I knew. She died, but I still feel her warmth, her love and her amazing giggles. I miss her fiercely."

2. Isabella

'Isabella' (Betty) Smith was put forward by her granddaughter Kathryn who says "she was a treasured wee wumman with a huge capacity for love. Love which she shared in abundance amongst her family.
She loved to sing and knew the words to every song. She knitted marvellous 80's sweaters, turned old cardboard boxes into a chain of 'Smiths Stores' and using just threads and salvaged tat could magically turn a free pen from the RSPB into your most treasured possession.
She was always happy to see us. The Delight on her face when you arrived unannounced was a treat in itself - never mind the huge cuddle and the promise of a wee 'sniceter' that awaited you inside. She was generous with her time, patience beyond measure and her love was all encompassing."

3. Morven

'Morven' was put forward by her friend Kara. She says 'Morven never lets the grass grow under her feet. Originally from Perth, she now lives on the Isle of Mull with her 2 girls who after some great difficulties is now solo parenting with her head held high and carries herself with pride, patience and kindness. She is the Communications Manager for the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust, volunteers and organises the weekly Producers market in Tobermory. She is my kids' favourite "Auntie" as she piles them with endless treats. Her door is always open and her house is always full. While I don't trust her with my kids dental hygiene, I trust her with their lives. She is partial to leopard print and is ALWAYS ALWAYS late. She is warm, generous, funny, a solid 10 and an absolute shit cocktail maker. She is a friend who me and the rest of our girl gang can rely on no matter what.

4. Rebecca 

"Rebecca' was put forward by Karen who says " My gran is called Rebecca. I think it's a beautifully classic and feminine name - which is funny because she wasn't particularly feminine or delicate. She loved every type of sport. Famously, her favourite time of year was Wimbledon, and you would be silently scolded if you turned up at her house during the tournament. She also claimed to be neutral in the age old question of being green and blue for almost 30 years of our being her grandchildren... then in the few years before her life ended unexpectedly she admitted she was a Celtic fan. Our true blue family loved her all the same. When I think about the word matriarch - she embodies it. All 13 grandchildren and 5 children and their spouses rallied round her both physically and mentally for decades. She was a force of nature, bringing us all together teaching us simple and moral lessons which would stand us in stead for the years to come. I can't describe the ways in which she has influenced who I am as a person but also as a beer drinking, zero fucks giving woman. She is my idol, and if I end my time on earth the way in which she did hers, I'd be very happy." (It should also be said that the lady sitting next to Rebecca sipping on her beer is her best friend. They met on their first day of school and were freinds ever since!)

5. Lynn


'Lynn' Is my mum. She was a beautiful woman who was so full of fun. I always feel like I never really got to say everything that I would like to say to her because she died before I had the kids. I never really understood what it meant to be a mother and the sacrifices she had made for my sister and I. She too lost her mum before having kids so it's only now I understand how she must have felt bringing up her 2 daughters without her mum around. She always showered us with love and stories of her happy childhood. She was a mediocre cook at best (one year she cooked the turkey in the grill) but she could make an excellent Victoria sponge and a thing called "Marzetti' that my kids hate. I have fond memories of her doing 'keep fit' in her Jane Fonda get up using cans of Tennents (the ones with the ladies on the side) as weights. She built herself a career and business around my sister and I, and not once complained about hard work. I loved sneaking into her bed at night to 'coorie in' and the fights we now have in our house about hair brushing and getting out the door in time for school remind me of crazy mornings. She taught me to have fun, like bad food and best of all bring up my two girls with so much love. I talk about her all the time the way she did with her mum.
Thanks for taking the time to read about all these inspiring women. I don't know about you but I learned a lot finding out about them all. It's been such a nice project to get everyone involved in naming the collection and I hope it can give each person who put their definition of 'mother' forward some pride knowing their loved ones stories are being told.
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