Olivia - The essential wardrobe style.

Olivia - The essential wardrobe style.

It's the best selling top in the range. So versatile to take you from Spring to Winter. Olivia is the perfect wardrobe hero you can rely on for most occasions. From lounging at home to wearing to the office, the beautiful linen only gets better the more you wear it.

As you know I am trying hard to build up small batches of your favourite styles and put up full garment measurements so you can check what size suits you best and Olivia in Rust is up first. 

Below are actual garment measurements, a good idea is to reference against a top you already own if you are unsure about sizing.

olivia garment measurements

XS 53cm 58cm 44cm
S 55cm 62cm 46cm
M 58.5cm 68cm 49.5 cm
L 63cm 74cm 52.5cm
XL 66cm 82cm 56cm
XXL 69cm 90cm 60cm



Unsure about how to style Olivia? Find some inspiration below...

Linen style sunday walks

What does small batch mean?

Working in small batches is a good way to ensure that nothing is being produced that is not wanted. Fast fashion retailers sit on thousands of unsold and returned stock everyday which inevitably ends up as land fill. Small batches for a business like LAW could be anything from 1-3 styles of each size. At first this doesn't seem much but with 6 sizes on offer it quickly becomes a lot of options. For a small business this is also quite a big outgoing at first as the fabric and sewing is paid for up front. This is the reason why this will be a slow process to get right but once the stock is made, it's just about keeping sizes topped up. 

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