So I opened a website...

So I opened a website...

I am not gonna lie, this was not something that was easy for me. My mind just doesn't work in a technical way. I was finding it frustrating trying to pull my website together because visually I knew what I wanted to create but technically I had no idea. 

I was so touched this morning when a complete stranger messaged me on instagram who had seen my previous stories from the night before and offered their help today on their day off. Some people are just too kind. However, I persevered and tonight for some reason something just clicked and I managed to work out what was stumping me - yaldi!

I am 20 weeks pregnant and well aware that time is ticking until the sleepless nights and cracked nipples take over my world for the second time. However, I am also lucky to know that with this tiredness miracle comes the most fulfilling feeling of love and family that no money can buy and I can't wait to meet this wee person who for now in our family is called "baby Alexander" (Peppa Pigs baby cousin of course.)

So for the next couple of months I plan to open my website, finally launch my collection and get the word out that LAW design studio is officially opened for business - come join the madness! xxx



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