Values at the Core of LAW Design Studio:

Values at the Core of LAW Design Studio:

Values at the Core of LAW Design Studio: Commitment to Ethical, Sustainable, and Lasting Fashion

After working in the fast-paced world of fashion, where trends come and go, I wanted to ensure my values with LAW Design Studio were grounded with integrity and sustainability.

Based in Glasgow, Scotland I am dedicated to the principles of slow fashion, creating timeless pieces that honor both the environment and the people within the supply chain. It's not perfect - there are still things I would like to improve on such as using natural elastic but I have just not found a quality that is durable enough as yet. 

The brand's values are not just words; they are the guiding principles that shape every aspect of the business, from design to production. Here's a closer look at the core values that are non negotiable for LAW Design Studio.

1. Ethical Production

At LAW Design Studio, ethical production is paramount. Every garment is made in Scotland, ensuring that we maintain close oversight and uphold high standards of fairness and equality. The majority of the styles are made by myself but I also use Freelancers who are based near by or work from the studio to help with busy periods.

This includes fair wages, safe working conditions, and fostering an inclusive environment where all individuals are valued equally. The aim is to build a web of freelance machinists so they can grow their own businesses and expand the slow fashion industry. 

2. Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of the operations. I use only ethical and sustainable materials, carefully selected to minimise the environmental footprint. Primarily using linens and organic cottons, 100% of our fabrics are natural materials.

Sustainability extends to our production processes, where I ensure that no fabric goes to waste. Every scrap is repurposed or recycled, reflecting our commitment to a zero-waste philosophy.

3. Durability and Longevity

I believe in creating clothes that stand the test of time. Each piece from LAW Design Studio is designed with durability in mind, using high-quality materials and craftsmanship that ensures longevity. Our garments are not just fashion items; they are investments. To further this commitment, I offer free repairs, encouraging our customers to cherish and maintain their clothing rather than discarding it. 

4. Bespoke Service

Understanding that every individual is unique, I offer a bespoke service to help you find the perfect fit. It might be that you are a size small in the leg but a size M in the waist - this is no problem! This bespoke service is a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction and individuality.

5. Waste Reduction

In a world where fast fashion leads to significant waste, LAW Design Studio takes a stand against throwaway culture. I encourage our customers to avoid discarding old clothes, offering solutions such as repairs and alterations to extend the life of each garment. By doing so, I promote a more sustainable approach to fashion, reducing waste and fostering a more mindful consumption pattern. Check out our LAW Circular initiative. 

I also ensure to never through away old scraps, these are either passed on to other businesses for use, used for new projects, or sold to quilters for new and inspiring projects.

6. Community and Connection

Our commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion is also about building a community. We aim to connect with our customers, suppliers, and everyone involved in our journey. Through transparency and communication, we strive to create a supportive network that shares our values and works together towards a more sustainable future.



At LAW Design Studio, these values are the foundation of everything I work on. From ethical production and sustainable practices to creating durable, bespoke clothing, I am dedicated to making a positive impact on the fashion industry and the world. The commitment to these principles ensures that when you choose LAW Design Studio, you're not just buying a piece of clothing; you're supporting a movement towards a more ethical and sustainable future.

Join us on this journey, and together, "let's redefine our relationship with fashion."


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